HIVE: The 1st Summer Park in Thasos Island

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Have you been visiting Thasos Island and there was no adrenaline and fun option? Are you ready to visit the first Summer Park in Thasos? The brand-new HIVE Summer Park is waiting for you next to Blue Dream Palace Hotel!

The design approach of “HIVE” provides the ability to children to play on their own, along with their parents and/or under the presence of animateurs/trainers. Adrenaline, leisure, splash fun, athletics are all combined in one park.

Starting this summer, visitors can enjoy the exciting body waterslides as many times as they wish. They can try the Body Slide, the Wide Slide, the
Aquatube, whereas the bolder ones can enjoy the Tunnel Freefall. Postscript: A unique lighteffect experience surprise awaits visitors inside the Aquatube.

The younger guests can run into the Spray HIVE World, inside three zero-level connected pools. Magic time; the countdown before the bucket turn!
The most thrilling and beloved element of our little friends is there! Children may run under the four spray arcs, compete in a “water war” using the spray guns, get fresh under the Flowers Bucket and the Bucket Trees, or just enjoy the smaller spray toys, like knobs and dino.

Children who are under the height limit of using waterslides, may try the best-seller Octopus Slide inside a 30cm depth pool. There is also a provision for the ones that want to chill; next to the pool with Octopus, they can swim in the “Relaxation Hive”.

Right next to this amazing waterpark, there is a new playground area of around 300sq.m including a custom Terrano structure. Little visitors can enjoy low rope course, climbing, crawling, balancing and so on, or just enjoying the hammock. For a more holistic experience, combining play, sports, learning and therapy, children may try the two trampolines which offer pleasant fall and landing behavior.

What is the most exciting? That this playground structure is just part of phase a…a Jupiter of 4.60m height will be connected through a transition bridge right before season 2024 opening!

Sport lovers may explore the multicourt playing either tennis, volleyball, or basketball.

“From the beginning, our concept was to create an integrated water play, dry play, sports and leisure area. A place that would be attracting to our hotel guests and visitors in Thasos by combining various activities for all ages. Elite areas has managed to surpass expectations and the feedback received is making us proud of the HIVE.”
Fylaktos Daoutis, CEO of D Hotels

Location: Trypiti Beach, Thasos
Realization: May 2023
Products by: Berliner Seilfabrik, Mai Waterparks
Installation by: Waveast
Multicourt: Stivos
Project Curators:
Elite Areas