Musical & Playful Garden for Children with Severe Disabilities in Komotini

/ / Denfit, percussion-play

It has been almost two years when we have started to discuss with Santa Run Komotini organization about the implementation of a design concept that Technical Chamber of Thrace has made for Recovery and rehabilitation Center of Children with Disabilities in Komotini. The scope? Renovating an old garden into an interactive, colorful, sensory garden for the children of this Center.

The Center is providing for free accommodation, food, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, creative activities to children from all over Greece, suffering from incurable physical disabilities or severe mental retardation. The work is hard to manage and the team that constitutes the center (therapists, cook, university students, volunteers, administrative staff, outsourced doctors) is trying to overcome all obstacles. It has to be mentioned, as heartbreaking as it is, that the majority of the children are
abandoned and there is no biological member willing to pay any visit.

The project was challenging as it has been fully covered by donations; Santa Run Komotini 2021, Stivos, GevaTrans and many other individual donators have contributed to the realization. Through Calypso Chime Quatro Post, Rainbow Trio Bongos and UrbanGym StepWalk, Elite Areas has contributed to this inclusive environment, where music, color and movement heals the soul and the body.

During a period of sad news, incidents of mass violence and children participating in gangs, it is really important to promote and embrace the value of volunteering and social solidarity. We are welcoming all schools to pay a visit in our facilities, so as to understand these values, in an effort to develop human beings becoming part of this offering chain since early years of their lives.
Anastasia Tzabazli, Head of Social Welfare Center of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace

Location: Recovery and Rehabilitation Center of Children with Disabilities, Komotini
Realization: October 2023
Products by: Percussion Play, Denfit
Architects: Savvas Stroubas,
Lambrini Chalatzidou, Vasiliki Simitopoulou
Study Design: Technical Chamber of Thrace
Curator: Artemis Tsolaki