Outstanding outdoor fitness area for Attica headquarters

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Photo Credits: Amalia Kovaiou

Employees are the core of the intellectual capital in any business and their wellbeing has a serious and direct impact on corporate organization. This was the concept behind our latest project.

Photo Credits: Amalia Kovaiou

Elite Areas has provided MyEquilibria product in the headquarters of a company in Attica region. Close to a state-of-the-art indoor gym, a MyBeast Beach Club in light grey concrete branches and stainless steel stages has been installed, creating a unique place for all employees, offering outdoor fitness experience for them.

Photo Credits: Amalia Kovaiou

Employees can download for free the MyEquilibria App and in a few simple clicks, they can customize their workouts, focusing on targets and muscle groups.

They can choose between Flying Pull-ups, Stall bars &Dip Handles, Multi Pull-ups, Punching bag, Landmine, Sliding Pull-ups and Monkey bars, fully supported and guided, by an impressive library of video exercises, created by some of the world’s top wellness experts.

Location: Attica Region
Realization: December 2022
Product by: MyEquilibria