The only outdoor DJ booth in the world

The only outdoor DJ desk in the world – the original

Durable robust design – vandal-resistant

Positive meeting place for young people

Music from your smartphone or pre-installed sounds

100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, assembled in the Netherlands

Red Dot Award Winner

DJ functions

  • Developed with pro DJ’s
  • Record your own music
  • Works with any smartphone
  • Pre installed beats

Although advanced technologies are embedded in the interactive equipment, all are easy and intuitive to understand. Professional DJs have helped developing the Yalp Fono DJ Booth. The Yalp Fono is understandable and accessible to all, though it also offers cool features and effects for the more advanced users.

How it works

Two rotating DJ discs allows the users to precisely control the effects. In the Fono DJ desk, familiar effects are integrated such as scratching, cross-threads or a pitch filter, which alternately filters out high and low tones. There is the possibility to record music and create your own loops, e.g. repetitive sound sequences. For user that forgot to bring their smartphone, 100 sounds are pre-installed.

The Yalp Fono DJ Booth is very easy to use, and it is always fun to play. The Fono DJ Booth can be played with its own music, which is wirelessly transferred via the smartphone without Bluetooth, cable or login. The Yalp Fono is particularly popular amongst young people. It offers a meeting place for friends and a meaningful combination of music and dance.

Designed for teenagers

  • Positive meeting place
  • Creative activity
  • Addition to sports/play facilities
  • Promotes musical talent
Dj functions

The interactive DJ table is designed to create something positive for teenagers, and everyone that is young at heart. Children and adolescents with a less strong interest in sports can play and show their talents here. Music has always been and will always be an important way to express your identity. The Yalp DJ Booth gives young people the opportunity to explore their creativity.


Almost every youngster in modern times has access to a smartphone or owns one. The Yalp Fono DJ Booth works with any kind of smartphone. DJs are the new idols and now everyone can discover their own musical talent in themselves!

All functions are easy to understand and completely open to creativity, there are no rules. This stimulates children and young people to create new ideas and compositions. The Yalp Fono DJ Booth is therefore also suitable for a wide range of locations and purposes: whether it is a children’s playground, a recreational park, a skate park, a youth centre or an family entertainment centre, the possibilities are endless.