Rope-structure of 150 children capacity in Municipality Nikaia-Rentis

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Few months ago the new Ecological Park in the Municipality of Nikaia-Rentis has opened its gates. The most impressive part for younger citizens? The new playground of 7.20m height!

Pentagode XL.01 has been installed welcoming children of all ages to explore and develop their skills. While climbing in the Spaceball L alone is already a treat, connected via bridges to the mighty Pentagode XL, the combination unfolds the full potential of imaginative play. Pentagode XL.01 has a simultaneous capacity of 150 children!

It’s a fact that rope play is excellent for the development of motor skills, muscles development and improvement of balancing skills of the children. The transparent construction of Pentagode XL.01 facilitates socialization. Children learn to take turns and work with others, especially when navigating around the playground and sharing the same space as other children. It is great to watch families spending time all together, parents/grandparents playing with their children/grandchildren, children exploring and developing new skills, and most importantly visitors of all ages having fun!

Special Thanks to: Kipon Odos, Tsirogiannis Construction Company, International School of Piraeus

“Our new Ecological Park stands emblematic, with multiple uses for leisure, fun, and sports. Inclusivity in terms of access has been included in our project from the first moment of the study. A new green park is ready to welcome the citizens, standing as a pole of attraction for visitors from the wider region of Piraeus!”
Giorgos Ioakeimidis, Mayor of Municipality Nikaia-Rentis

Location: Ecological Park, Municipality Nikaia-Rentis
Realization: September 2023
Contractor: Georgakopoulos Athanasios Ltd
Products by: Berliner Seilfabrik
Photo Credits: Ena Kare