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Skopje Zoo plays an important role in educational, cultural and recreational life in North Macedonia. It covers an area of 12 ha, and has a collection of more than 500 animals. It has an economic part, a workshop, a veterinary clinic, an amusement park for children, an educational center.

Problem Description

Skopje Zoo holds practical classes for students from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as scientific research. During the walks and classes, there is possibility of powering off the devices (mobile phones, tablets) because of empty battery as well as the problem with the availability of cellular network.


Thanks to the installation of Smart benches based on solar energy, the visitors of the zoo can recharge their devices; they can connect to a faster Wi-Fi network, which can help them to do their basic and scientific research. Also, Wi-Fi connection through the benches can redirect the visitors to some interesting and inaccessible places among the zoo (tracking and watching the hidden animals in their living places thanks to the installed video cameras).

Client’s success with Strawberry Smart Benches

Smart benches located in the beginning of the zoo among their functionalities offer the access to internet and zoo app, so the visitors can buy a single or group ticket online, which is more than a desired option for the recommended physical distance during the pandemic time. So there is no queue in front of the ticket office (which can be considered as a relieve opportunity in birthday organizations). The project called “Shared knowledge”, enables visitors to scan the QR code on the board placed in front of each animal and get information about it, through articles on Wikipedia related to the animal/s.

Personal quote from the client

“Skopje Zoo is one of the most visited institutions in the country. It brings a lot of smiles to the visitors (especially to the children). We appreciate a lot of having the Smart Benches in our area because people can take an infinite number of photos and videos of the animals (regardless of the battery life of their devices), and because of the option of free WiFi, the Zoo can be promoted on social media by tagging the location. Visitors can discover the colorful and diverse wildlife of Skopje Zoo. Happy pictures can be exposed in the classrooms of the kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, emphasizing the concept of joy and happiness, which will be a challenge for another visit in the zoo.” Skopje Zoo Manager

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