Urban furniture jewels renovating Historic & Commercial Center of Maroussi

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A few months ago, we were contacted to supply modular benches and planters, combining high quality concrete, hardwood, steel and aluminum as part of urban furniture additions of a bigger project in Maroussi Municipality.

Through Isola Urbana Collection, designed by Raffaele Lazzari and Massimo Tasca and produced by Metalco, we were able to meet the needs of the Historic & Commercial Center of Maroussi; aesthetics and functionality. The restrictions of available free areas were overcome as Isola Urbana products may stand alone -as bench, bench with wooden seats, bench with seats and table, chaise lounges, planters- or in composition with other elements of Isola Urbana collection.

Citizens and owners of the shops are really excited about these new modern additions, and they enjoy their break either during shopping time or during their work schedule.

The most impressive product of the whole project, transforming the point into landmark was the addition of the Kore linear composition in front of Maroussi railway station. Metalco has received the Red Dot Award 2022 and 2023 urban design for the modular bench KORE. Designed by architect Michele Slaviero, Kore perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, as citizens can sit, lie down, relax, enjoy their break, talk, read news. Through its shape, Kore may welcome at the same time six different companies.

The need for litter collection was covered through Spencer C litter bins, designed by Alfredo Tasca for Metalco.

“Maroussi is becoming more beautiful every day. Our commitments become
actions. The Historic & Commercial Center is slowly being transformed and our goal is to regain its former glory. Combined with the renovation of our cultural infrastructure and recreational activities, the Historic Center is an important destination for the whole family.”

Theodoros Ambatzoglou, Mayor of Maroussi Municipality

“Playmaker Factory aims to create eye-catching projects regarding urban
spaces, offering quality solutions through solid cooperations. Metalco furniture provided by Elite Areas proved to be a key contribution to the renovation, which we proudly delivered.”

Ioannis Pappas, CEO Pappas J Sport-Playmaker Factory

Location: Historic & Commercial Center of Maroussi Municipality
Realization: May 2023
Products by: Metalco
Contractor: Pappas J Sport-Playmaker Factory
Photo Credits: Ena Kare (G. Papanastasopoulos