Waldwipfelweg in the Bavarian Forest, Germany

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Written by Berliner Seilfabrik Team

In the Bavarian Forest, near the Czech border, a marvelous nature discovery awaits you. A spectacular 2-kilometre-long Forest Treetop Path leads visitors at a height of 30 meters above and through the treetops to a gigantic tower in the shape of a spherical tree with an integrated playground of a special kind.

Various play elements such as net tunnels and bridges playfully connect six levels and thus approx. 23 meters in height up to the viewing platform. An inclined net ascent takes the visitors to an arched ascent with inner offset nets, which leads along the outside of the tower at a height of about 40 meters.

Once you have crossed the arch, you land on the level where one of the highlights of the forest tower is located: the ten-meter-high DNA Tower with a three-dimensional climbing net that almost sticks out of the tower with its posts.

Furthermore, you can balance across the forest tower on a jungle rope in an 11.5-metre-long net tunnel at a height of 6 metres. The second arched ascent leads up to the viewing platform at a height of about 7 metres inside the tower.

The viewing platform with a breath-taking view of the Bavarian Forest features another exciting one-of-a-kind highlight. Two close-meshed nets found at the far edge of the platform offer those who dare to step on the net a view 52 meters into the depths. This adventurous is absolutely unforgettable!

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