Solar-powered Smart Bench, with its minimalistic design, smoothly blends into the streetscape, and enhances the local distinctiveness. It represents a classic form of advertising pillar with a twist, which brings it to the 21st century.

  • Modern appearance and elegant form
  • Similar footprint as a regular park bench with minimal public realm impact
  • Packed with an advanced set of sensors:
    • Environmental (temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient noise)
    • Gas (CO, NO2, O3, SO2, N2S)
    • Particles (particle monitor, respiratory irritants)-(optional)
    • People counter-(optional)
  • Standard formats of artwork
  • Easy maintenance
  • 100% standalone system that works 24/7, under all weather conditions
  • Easy to install

Cloud-based dashboard

  • Access historical and real-time usage statistics of Smart Bench
  • Track the health of environment around each Smart Bench via built-in environmental sensors
  • Customize and download graphs and usage statistics reports for your business needs
  • Compare data of different Smart Benches throughout selected periods of time
  • Keep track of performance of each Smart Bench and maintain accordingly

WiFi Landing Page

  • Content on WiFi Landing Page is distributed by the context-aware WiFi management platform
  • Use WiFi landing page to promote your product, services and relevant information, in a smart way
  • Different promotional messages can be published, depending on various conditions around every Smart Bench (weather conditions, geolocation, time of a day, etc.)
WiFi 1

Mobile app

  • Access real-time environmental data
  • Find the nearest Smart Bench around them, the cleanest or the quietest
  • Suggest new locations for Smart Bench