Open the doors for Smart Bench Mini Indoor Version

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Meet the newest asset in our smart furniture portfolio

Following the great success of our solar Smart Benches, we can proudly announce that the Smart Bench Mini indoor version is coming this winter!

Ever since the first Smart Benches started emerging in cities across Europe, companies and property developers have recognized the opportunity to join the smart city drift, enhance their property investment and deliver the designated brand message to consumers in an innovative, engaging, and meaningful way. Today, our Smart Benches are present in over 50 cities throughout Europe, Middle East, USA and Australia.

Why an indoor version?

It’s not hard to see why companies have often approached us with requests for an indoor version of our popular Smart Bench.

People use Smart Bench to relax, enjoy the public spaces, charge their phones and connect to the free WiFi through the landing page. While they enjoy the benefits of connectivity and power, they also:

  • Associate the brand message with something innovative, and beneficial.
  • Understand that the company cares, and is interested in giving back to the community.
  • See that the company keeps track with the modern technology and new generation’s needs

That kind of message is much harder to transfer with traditional means of OOH marketing.

Now the companies want the same type of benefit for consumers and visibility for the brand, only transferred to indoor spaces. The logic is clear:

If a branded Smart Bench with free WiFi and customizable landing page worked so well at raising the visibility of the brand and engaging people at the city squares and public parks, then it might work even better at places where people are more often in need of power and connectivity: airports, railway stations, big shopping malls, corporate buildings etc.

Love at first sit 🙂

Our new Smart Bench for indoors features all the functionalities of the outdoor version with one difference — there is no solar panel on the seating area.

The design is sleek and modern without sharp edges, smooth, made of high-quality materials. It’s guaranteed to blend in and enhance the interior whether it’s a big hall, corporate lobby, busy railway station or airport lounge.

Smart Bench Mini for indoors is outfitted with two charging slots for cable charging and two wireless charging spots. WiFi connection is fast and stable, and is accessed through a customizable landing page.

Welcome to the era of Digital Street Furniture

Smart Bench Mini indoor version caters to needs of modern citizens.

Busy halls of railway stations are places with very high foot traffic. And just as public phone booths used to be the usual inventory at such places, today, the mobile era has given us all the convenience of being one click away from a call, information and digital social interaction. Think of Smart Bench Mini as the 21st century descendant of an old fashioned phone booth. With branding space for your company’s message. That kind of brand visibility and engagement would be much harder to achieve with traditional OOH marketing.

Smart Bench Mini is the ideal vehicle to bridge the gap between the old OOH marketing and new digitally equipped consumer.

Estate owners and investors are always looking for ways to enhance their properties and distinguish them from the rest of the offer on an over-saturated property development market. By introducing Smart Bench Mini to their estates, they create an added value and make their properties smarter, ready to join the smart city evolution and keep the pace with the ongoing digital transformation.

Airports are the perfect places to showcase the power of Smart Bench Mini. While people wait to board their flights, their usual pass time is a smart phone. Browsing social media, playing online games, messaging friends and family.

The Internet and power are the key. Smart Bench Mini offers both.

In order to connect to the free WiFi, users go to a landing page that brands can customize in accordance to the season, important brand events, offers etc. That interconnection of user’s and brand’s benefit is what makes Smart Bench Mini a winning product.

Smart Bench Mini installed at the shopping mall is a cool hangout and relaxation point where shoppers can take a break, charge their phones, and use free WiFi. The branding on the Smart Bench Mini and customized brand message on the landing page catch the attention of each Smart Bench user and creates the opportunity for companies to post suitable offers and deals efficiently and measure the results.

The same concept can be applied to gyms, sport centers, hospitality locations, and corporate buildings. Real-estate development is a highly competitive industry. Incorporating proptech such as Smart Bench Mini, can have a huge impact on setting the estate apart.

Smart Bench Mini can also be a great addition to a big venue, arena, or even a company event. It’s not only a social interaction point with the benefit of WiFi and power slots, but also a way to show extra care for the attendees in a distinctive and memorable manner.

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