How the Municipality of Tanagra finds Smart Bench Mini the perfect initial step forward to Smart Cities

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The Municipality of Tanagra is located in Boeοtia, north of Athens, Greece. Since 1956, the 114th Combat Wing of the Hellenic Air Force has been based in Tanagra Air Base. There are 19,432 permanent citizens, and 5 municipality units; Dervenochoria, Dilesi, Oinofyta, Schimatari and Tanagra.


Pandemic Situation has affected all of us. Since March of 2020, Greece has been under lockdown restrictions for many months. The Municipality of Tanagra wanted to welcome 2021 with an innovative way so as to present an optimistic feeling of development and care to its citizens. Providing something smart, sustainable, with informative character would be the ideal solution.


Smart Bench Mini was the right choice for Tanagra initiatives towards “Smart City” future. 5 Strawberry Smart Benches were installed, one in each municipality unit of Tanagra, providing free WiFi internet access to all citizens. Powered by solar energy, the Mini Smart Benches of Strawberry energy are completely aligned with the ecofriendly behavior of Tanagra, while providing to citizens wired and wireless phone charging ability. The resistant and durable materials of benches were also very important, as Tanagra Municipality faces many days of snowing and low degrees during each winter.


Besides the lockdown restrictions, which only permit movement of citizens for very specific reasons, such us going to work, or exercise, more than 900 citizens used the profits of Mini Smart Benches in less than 3 months. The satisfaction of citizens was huge, and the received feedback very positive. Besides the numbers and the welcoming comments, Municipality of Tanagra is proud to be introducing innovative outdoor solutions and stepping forward to the sustainable future of “Smart Cities”.

“The Municipality of Tanagra is a pioneer, incorporating advanced technological solutions in the daily life of its citizens. The purchasing of 5 Mini Smart Benches, signals the development of “Smart City” networks, offering free services of WiFi, phone-charging capability, and thus improving the quality of life of citizens, within the terms of a more sustainable way of life.”  Vasilis Pergalias, Mayor of Municipality Tanagra

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