Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication chooses Smart Bench as award in elementary schools competition

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Ministry of Trade, tourism and telecommunication of Serbia started a platform for elementary students, “IT caravan”, which promotes the application of digital technologies and internet in education and their safe use. Competition is annual, and includes 2000 pupils from more than 25 elementary schools in Serbia.

Problem Description

Ministry wanted to award winning schools and their students with solution that would be digital, innovative, yet demonstrate digital transformation in easy to understand manner.


Strawberry Energy Smart Bench was chosen as an award for the winner of “IT caravan” competition, because of its unique combination of physical presence (it is a bench) and digital assets (it provides charging, WiFi internet, customized landing page), and IoT (environmental sensors). It is good example of how digital transformation can influence many aspects of our lives, even urban furniture. It is installed in the school’s playground.

Personal quote from the client

“I am convinced that Smart Bench will become a new place for socializing, as pupils will be able to charge their mobile phones, browse the internet, but also to find out the temperature, humidity, level of CO2 or noise in their environment.”
Tatjana Matic, State secretary at Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications

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