Different ways telecommunication companies are using Smart Bench

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Telecommunication companies around the world are facing major changes impacted by the rise of the alternative communication channels (Such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc) and widespread use of Internet. Also, 5G revolution is requiring bigger investments in the infrastructure and different alignment of the network (more connection points due to short range 5G network). In order to overcome these challenges, telecoms are turning to innovations and creating innovative ecosystems with untraditional type of partners for them – the startups. On top of that, the race to capture users minds and hearts is constantly increasing.


• 5G is very much in the “build” phase right now, and investments in infrastructure are significant
• Telecommunications firms are working hard to create digital environments where people feel safe and where brands are comfortable advertising
• With rapid IoT expansion they searching how to extend their offerings and accommodate people’s desire for increased interconnectivity
• Turning a profit in the competitive telecommunications industry will require more and more diversification


Telecommunication companies were invested in Strawberry Energy’s Smart Bench since the launch of the product years ago. They find it useful for many purposes such as:
• increase visibility and capturing share of mind and heart in unexpected context by branding the bench
• relevant advertising channel that matches telcos and core functions of the Smart Bench (phone charging, wifi, green energy)
• innovative CSR initiative and a gift to local communities
• sustainability efforts boost through green energy IoT urban furniture
• 5G hotspot infrastructure in the city

Personal quote from the client

“Telefonica is known for its leading-edge network and has been championing the 5G revolution to bring greater network service alive. We are joining forces with some of the best-of-breed innovators such as Strawberry Energy to achieve this vision. We especially liked Strawberry’s Smart Bench because it acts not only as a street furniture, but as a technology hub that enables IoT in outdoor spaces. Adaptability of the device to act as urban furniture, but also to be a 5G hotspot for urban areas is amazing!”

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