Smart Bench helps Unilever in its commitment to doing business with purpose and boost innovative local campaigns for brand awareness

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Algida is an Italian company which specializes in the production of packaged ice cream and is one of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands – brands that have a sustainable living purpose and produce products that reduce their environmental footprint or increase their positive social impact.


Unilever’s research has shown that their purpose-led, Sustainable Living Brand are growing 69% faster than the rest of the business and delivering 75% of the company’s growth. They have also discovered that over 90% of millennials would switch brands for one which champions a cause and that sustainability drives brand love and therefore brand preference. They wanted an innovative solution that would at the same time showcase their care for residents, sustainability commitment and as a consequence drive talkability and brand promotion.

“The principal way brands grow is by increasing penetration among infrequent and non-users, and this can be achieved by making your brand more memorable. We have a growing body of evidence in Unilever that a strongly articulated sustainable living purpose brought to life through communications can deliver a powerful emotional response and generate brand fame – the key drivers of memorability”

Karen Hamilton, Unilever’s VP, Global Sustainable Business


Being solar-powered and providing services for the benefit of public good, the Smart Bench was a perfect tool for strengthening Company’s relationship with people and promoting the Company’s sustainable efforts.

“People want to engage with brands that understand them and speak to their concerns. Having a sustainable living purpose enables brands to connect with them at a deeper, emotional level. I believe sustainable living brands represent a huge opportunity for the marketing world to build strong, sustainable growth and enduring consumer relationships in an increasingly resource-constrained, transparent and untrusting world. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for marketing to rediscover its original, noble purpose of developing brands that are good for business and good for the world, and reposition our profession as a powerful driver of positive social change.”

Keith Weed, Unilever’s Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

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