Skopje Zoo plays an important role in educational, cultural and recreational life in North Macedonia. It covers an area of 12 ha, and has a collection of more than 500 animals. It has an economic part, a workshop, a veterinary clinic, an amusement park for children, an educational center. Problem Description Skopje Zoo holds practical

Music gives everyone a voice, and making music together can build a harmonious, cooperative spirit of support and encouragement for us all. Inclusion is about engagement and often the lack of opportunity to get involved can be as significant a barrier as the nature of a person’s disability. The creation of holistic accessible outdoor music

Don’t move out of the city yet! Things are changing! Can you give a quick YES or NO, answer to this question: Do you think that big cities like Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paolo or Hong Kong, will still be the places where people would want to start a family 50 years from now? If

The Municipality of Tanagra is located in Boeοtia, north of Athens, Greece. Since 1956, the 114th Combat Wing of the Hellenic Air Force has been based in Tanagra Air Base. There are 19,432 permanent citizens, and 5 municipality units; Dervenochoria, Dilesi, Oinofyta, Schimatari and Tanagra. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Pandemic Situation has affected all of us. Since

|Wolt’s innovative way to reach customers in Belgrade The beginning of 2021 marked a new chapter in our commercial partnerships. The worldwide leading food delivery company Wolt, decided to take their commitment to sustainability and smart technology to the next level! Wolt chose our Smart Benches to further promote eco-awareness, drive innovation for its brand, educate

Playful Learning

Playing and learning go hand in hand. Playing supports learning because it stimulates the entire body, and it leaves a memory of the learning experience in the nervous system. Physical activity, while playing stimulates memory and teaches creative thinking. “Playing is a method for children to process and apply what they have learned before. Play

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| Small innovations – Big gains Healthcare and health institutions have been on everybody’s mind in 2020 and with the pandemic still taking its toll on our everyday lives, this is not likely to change in 2021. Digital transformation of health facilities can improve the overall satisfaction and provide a better experience for their patients,

Out in the open

|Digital Transformation and opportunities for growth Spring is finally here, and unlike in the spring of 2020, the global situation looks a bit more optimistic. It seems that we have learned to live with the uncertainty of covid-19, post covid health crises and finally decided that life needs to move on. We already know the

Written by David Flanigan, Director of Market Development at Yalp Interactive  It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since COVID-19 changed all of our lives. Social distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing and work/school from home are the new norm. Unfortunately, many playgrounds across the country were closed and fenced off. I know

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Music is a wonderful outlet that can lift spirits regardless of age, although there are a number of proven physical, mental, and emotional benefits specifically for seniors and older adults. Go a stage further, to making music and you will tap into a truly powerful tool that is able to help improve personal well-being, social

Can you believe March is almost over?  Spring is here and that means people will spend more time outdoors! Surely, we all need it after lockdowns, working from home, COVID anxiety and overall uncertainty!  Now is the time to prepare your local green areas for the upcoming season!  Digital transformation of the open spaces is

Libraries are writing a new chapter for the 21st century – redefining what they do…. and what they sound like! We all know libraries as amazing places for discovering books, however in today’s world “looking something up” rarely requires a trip to the local library. This has seen a need for local libraries to reinvent