5 Reasons you should be thrilled about Smart Cities

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Don’t move out of the city yet! Things are changing!

Can you give a quick YES or NO, answer to this question:

Do you think that big cities like Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paolo or Hong Kong, will still be the places where people would want to start a family 50 years from now?

If your answer is NO, then what would it take for them to become more livable, to take care of everybody’s needs?

Free public transport? Complete transition to renewable sources of energy? A U-turn in traffic and overall infrastructure development?

There is really only one correct answer: They need to become SMART CITIES.

Solar Smart Bench in Vejle, Denmark

Here are top 5 ways smart cities can enhance the quality of people’s lives:

1. Smart cities are data-driven — traffic data, weather conditions, transportation routes, congestions, all data is processed in a centralized city system and citizens are informed of the best options to avoid delays or problems during their daily commutes and routines.

2. Smart cities are people centered. They include real people’s habits and mobility in decision making. This helps city planners in creating the best possible solutions to reduce crowds, prevent high energy consumptions and plan more green spaces where necessary. Traffic jams, garbage disposal, city parking, are all better monitored if smart city technology is implemented, and it can ultimately help citizens manage their routines and tasks in the most efficient way.

3. Smart cities are sustainable — They encourage and explore options for sourcing renewable energy and lowering carbon footprint in urban areas: energy-efficient buildings, air quality and noise level sensors, electric vehicles, they are all part of the city wide solutions for sustainable development.

4. Smart cities are safer — IoT and other smart city technologies can help first responders in getting critical information on an incident faster and with more reliability. Smart street furniture like Smart Benches, smart bus stops, can be connected to emergency services network and provide an easily accessible S.O.S. call. Possibilities are endless and there are many ways in which smart city technology like IoT can increase residents’ safety.

5. Authorities get faster and better feedback from citizens — Well connected and informed citizens are more likely to be involved in current city issues, to engage in the local community and report problems. When city authorities provide apps and smart IoT systems that enable faster and easier feedback, more citizens are inclined to report the local problems and engage, which leads to better insights in real and pressing problems of the people living in certain area.

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We see smart urban street furniture as an integral part of smart city development. Our solar Smart Bench networks already help local governments and companies in more than 23 cities to make better decisions about public places, promote their brands and deliver important info in a sustainable and interesting way.

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